This map has a single difficulty level: Normal


Enemy Race : Alliance - 1 Sword Fish Frigate, 2 Cobra Frigates, 2 Anti-Fighter Cruisers

Honor Achieved : 9236

The cruisers weapons in the first scenario cannot penetrate reflective shields. The level can be beaten with one cruiser.

Effective deployment with the Federation:

  • 1 x Zap Wagon (Federation Tiger Cruiser) Total Cost: 954
    • Orders: Vulture, Priority set to attacking frigates, then Cruisers
    • 1 Reflective Shield, 2 Basic Power Generator, 1 Crew Module, 1 EMP Shield
    • 3 Cruiser Proton Beam
Effective deployment with the Order:

Zap Wagon O

  • 1 x Zap Wagon O (Order Crusader Cruiser:147) Total Cost: 764
    • 1 Reflective Shield (155), 1 Basic Power Generator (135) , 1 Micro Crew Module (50), 1 EMP Shield (80)
    • 1 Cruiser Proton Beam (73), 1 Cruiser Radiation Gun (124)
    • Orders: Vulture, Priority set to attacking frigates, then Cruisers
    • Deploy in the lower left corner. Sometimes one of the Cobra Frigates will stop outside its Radiation Gun range. The chance for a win is about 1 in 5.

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