Tribe Unity Frigate Hull
Tribe Unity Frigate
Race: Tribe
Class: Frigate
Cost: 115
Size: 100
Power Produced: 9
Bonuses: Armour Boost -50%
Speed Boost -50%
Hull Integrity Boost 100%
Hardpoints: 3
Standard Slots: 7
Made to serve as a fast, armored and shielded reconnaissance craft, the Unity Frigate Hull Design entered Tribal use in 41 Y.B.C.E during the Divine War (48-35 Y.B.C.E). 275 Entered service and 186 still survive today, being used as, well, cannon fodder and fighter support. The regular Tribe Bonuses and Penalties apply for the Unity Frigate. Having 7 Standard Slots, it can be a very good light "Tank" while the three Weapons Slots deal modest damage. It can also be equipped with the Gravitation Guns to pull fighters out.

The Unity: It might be small, but it might just lead a fleet to your doorstep!

Godspeed, Pilot!


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