Tribe Paradise Cruiser Hull
Tribe Paradise Cruiser
Race: Tribe
Class: Cruiser
Cost: 150
Size: 210
Power Produced: 8
Bonuses: Armour Boost -50%
Speed Boost -50%
Hull Integrity Boost 100%
Hardpoints: 6
Standard Slots: 10
The Paradise is Ironically named, as it really, well, DOES send you to paradise (Or Hell, whatever you've done in your life). The Armour and Speed have been slashed in return for a very advanced hull. It is more-a-less a Medium Cruiser, between the 7 Hard/ 8 Stand. slots and the 8 Hard/11 Stand. Cruisers, though it teeters more on the Heavy side. The Paradise design was actually a planned Rebel project, called Zeus, but that was thrown in the bin and picked up by the Tribe during the Second Divine War, who've modified it slightly and have made it into the main flagship for the Tribe. It can serve a variety of roles for a modest price, so yeah, there it is!

The Paradise: It will send you to yours!

Godspeed, pilot!


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