Tribe Harmony Cruiser Hull
Tribe Harmony Cruiser
Race: Tribe
Class: Cruiser
Cost: 160
Size: 220
Power Produced: 9
Bonuses: Armour Boost -50%
Speed Boost -50%
Hull Integrity Boost 100%
Hardpoints: 7
Standard Slots: 11
150 Years ago, a bunch of Space Hippies came together. They worked hard and long to make a ship that would make sure they wouldn't face opression for their views. The finished model was a strong and durable ship. As they had all worked in Harmony, the ship became know to be the Harmony! It is a Medium sized Cruiser, but the 18 still in service are showing their ages and wear after 149 Years of fighting. Most have been relegated to protecting the Tribal home planets and bases, and 2 have been made into Museums after the Parasitic incident (137 Y.B.C.E.. This happened when 5 Parasite cruisers, with Frigate and Fighter escorts, came into Tribal space. It wasn't that good for the Para's). It has 11 Standard Points, so if you desire to sacrifice one Hardpoint, you can create a 12 Point tank, capable of taking a huge amount of fire while the rest of the fleet does the job.

The Harmony: 150 Years of pain up your face!

Godspeed, Pilot!


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