The Divine War was actually three seperate conflicts from 48 Y.B.C.E to 6 Y.B.C.E.. (NOTE: FAN FICTION. YUP. SOZ ABOUT THAT.)

The First Divine War (48-35 Y.B.C.E)Edit

In the conflict now known as The First Divine War, the Order has sent a huge force to invade Messier 83, the galaxy where the game takes place. The Tribe were the No.1 targets for the Order, and as such pretty much fought the entire First Divine War. There were incidents with the Empire and Rebels, and even the Alliance
  • The Unity
  • The Paradise
  • The Freedom
  • The Eagle
  • The Stingray.
records have information that a huge battle took place in 46 Y.B.C.E. with a fleet of red ships connected by yellow laser beams.

Many of the ships you know came into production during the war, but mostly in the Tribes fleet. These are:

  • The Tribe Unty Frigate Hull
  • The Tribe Freedom Cruiser Hull
  • The Tribe Paradise Cruiser Hull
  • The Federation Eagle Cruiser Hull (It was an unrelated event but it's production was rushed when the war began.)
  • The Alliance Stingray Cruiser Hull

The Second Divine War (19-12 Y.B.C.E.)Edit

The Order's second attempt to invade Messier 83, but this time, everyone was involved, one way or another. The order took a huge gamble in this war, with these odds:

Order Cruisers: 490 VS Messier 83 Cruisers: 2184

Order Frigates: 1142 VS Messier 83 Frigates: 10000

Order Fighters: 15000 VS Messier 83 Fighters: 37500

Yet it somehow won 2 planets, and those two planets became bases, bases for the Third Divine War:

The Third Divine War (5-0 Y.B.C.E)Edit

The Order came a third time, this time hitting mostly the Nomads and pretty much wiping the floor with them, destroying 80% of the entire Nomad Navy. It then took a look at the Rebels, but with their New-Found allies the Federation, the two worked together, but with huge losses overall.

Despite all that, the Third Divine War had driven the Order from Messier 83 and the war had been won. In fact, it ended one week before the Battle of Sirius!

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