Rebel Valkyrie Cruiser Hull
Rebel Valkyrie Cruiser
Race: Rebel
Class: Cruiser
Cost: 110
Size: 175
Power Produced: 7
Bonuses: Speed Boost 11%
Hull Integrity Boost 6%
Hardpoints: 7
Standard Slots: 8

The Valkyrie Cruiser is one of the tougher Rebel Cruisers, having a 6% hull bonus, and having more than enough weapon hardpoints to tear through most other cruisers in one on one. The issue is that this vessel is absolutely abysmal when swarmed. The ship is slow even with MK3 engines, despite its 11% speed bonus, mainly because of its size. This ship makes a great tank, able to withstand sustained fire even without armor, and it has enough weaponry to defend itself. its lack of maneuverability makes it a sitting duck however.

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