Rebel Minotaur Cruiser Hull
Rebel Minotaur Cruiser
Race: Rebel
Class: Cruiser
Cost: 120
Size: 165
Power Produced: 7
Bonuses: Speed Boost 10%
Power Output Boost 8%
Hardpoints: 6
Standard Slots: 9
The Minotaur, spearhead of the Rebellion and the main reason why they've survived the Imperial Weapons Platforms so long. It is a Light Cruiser (Size 160-165) and it has served since the first day of the Rebellion. The first engagement of the Minotaur was when 3 new models were ambushed by 6 Imperial Frigates, who were turned to dust with only minor damage to 1 Minotaur Cruiser. It's main role is a speedy ship, capable of charging blockades and outrunning pulse weapons. The Minotaur lives on as the lord of the Rebels, but it is slowly being replaced by a new and even tougher ship, the Valhalla. Godspeed, pilot!


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