Rebel Icarus Fighter Hull
Rebel Icarus Fighter
Race: Rebel
Class: Fighter
Cost: 38
Size: 12
Power Produced: 4
Bonuses: Speed Boost 14%
Hardpoints: 2
Standard Slots: 2
Planned to be a bomber, this was the first (And rather failed) attempt at being the first fleet in the Galaxy to have an effective bomber wing. With two Standard Slots to care for two Hardpoints, it could only afford a small engine, and no Armour or Shielding. But, it is rather cheap (17 Points cheaper than the Atlantis) and can be very effective in Cruiser defence and Kamikaze-ing the enemy forces. Its first combat appearance was rather a communications error during the Divine War (48-35 Y.B.C.E.) when 50 Icarus Types being delivered to a Rebel fleet were ambushed by 65 Order Fighters, who had mistaken them for another squad of 50 Tribe Fighters lurking in the area. The losses were 17:29 until they realised who was who, but the order continued. 24 Rebels survived yet only 12 Orders did.

The Icarus: Don't fly nearby, coz' you're just gonna' die!

Godspeed, pilot!


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