Rebel Fenrir Cruiser Hull
Rebel Fenrir Cruiser
Race: Rebel
Class: Cruiser
Cost: 99
Size: 140
Power Produced: 6
Bonuses: Speed Boost 9%
Hardpoints: 6
Standard Slots: 8
The Fenrir, a Light Cruiser at 99 Honor per hull and a size of 140. You might think that is rather puny compared to Cruisers like the Freedom (Tribe) or Snake (Alliance), but when the Fenrir V1 was made 190 years (Seriously) ago, it was twice as large as anything available. The Federation purchased 30 copies and even the Empire paid a high price for 5. It has a speed boost and 8 Standard Slots, so think about using it as the "Interceptor", taking out enemies while avoiding Pulse Cannon fire and with Keep Moving ordered. It could also be the "Tank", with 2 Shields, 3 Amour, 1 Engine, 1 Generator and 1 Crew Module and with Pulse Cannons or Anti-Fighter weapons with it.

The Fenrir: Age = Experience and Experience = Your Death!

Godspeed, Pilot!


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