Rebel Atlantis Bomber Hull
Rebel Atlantis Bomber
Race: Rebel
Class: Fighter
Cost: 55
Size: 14
Power Produced: 4
Bonuses: Speed Boost 10%
Armour Boost 9%
Hardpoints: 2
Standard Slots: 3
A marvel of engineering (And thieving a few blueprints), the Atlantis Bomber hull is the best thing the Rebels made for about 10 years. It has two Hardpoints and with an Armour and Speed Boost, the 3 Standard Points also come in handy. A squadron of bombers from the Minotaur class RAS (Rebel Alliance Ship) Victory destroyed a Centurion cruiser with 7 losses (From 32). It can also be used as a large fighter, being equipped with 2 pulse cannons for quick dogfight victories. The cost is rather high, so use it wisely though!

The Atlantis: Underestimate its size and you're a goner!

Godspeed, Pilot!

(Gratuitous Wiki Guy)

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