Imperial Imperator Cruiser Hull
Imperial Imperator Cruiser
Race: Empire
Class: Cruiser
Cost: 160
Size: 215
Power Produced: 9.3
Bonuses: Shield Boost 10%
Speed Boost 8%
Hardpoints: 7
Standard Slots: 9

Introduction Edit

The Imperator Class Cruiser Hull is a Cruiser hull available to the Empire.

Fan Fiction Edit

"Imperator" is Latin for "Emperor", so this gives a certain clue to how it was born. The project was commissioned 280 years ago, but work on the Weapons Platform and the Centurion made the project a relic of Imperial history, until 10 years ago, when the Emperor ordered an immediate revival of the project. It is a medium sized craft with 7 Hardpoints and 9 Standard Slots. With a speed boost, it's original concept was for it to be used as Charger or Kamikaze craft, but with 9 Standard Slots, the Imperator can also be used as a Tank. It can also be a Multi-Role craft, or maybe just an unarmed, heavily shielded cannon fodder. It remains in front line Imperial service, with around 80 in current service and 12 in production.

The Imperator: It will give you a Royal Whooping!

Godspeed, Pilot!