• The three Tribal Frigates
  • The Quadruplet of Rebel Frigates.
  • The four Imperial frigates.
  • The 3 Alliance Frigates.
  • The 4 Federation Frigates.

So, where do we start with the Frigate? Taking the armour and shielding from the cruiser and the speed of the fighter and mixing them up, the Frigate is a very effective multi role ship. They usually have 3-5 Hardpoints (The Imperial Weapons platform has 8 Hardpoints and 4 Standard Slots) and 4-7 Standard Slots.


They have amazing anti-fighter capability.

They have good anti-frigate capability.

A low number of frigates properly equipped can defeat a much larger number of Cruisers with the Keep Moving order.


They are usually the first victims of Cruiser guns.

They do not have very many guns.

The Frigate: A speedy ship that will rain down death!

Godspeed, Pilot!


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