Federation Leopard Fighter Hull
Federation Leopard Fighter
Race: Federation
Class: Fighter
Cost: 35
Size: 12
Power Produced: 3
Bonuses: Hull Integrity Boost 10%
Speed Boost 12%
Hardpoints: 2
Standard Slots: 2

Brought in after the Commerce Union war showed that the Hawk was outdated for modern warfare, the Leopard Hull was the way to go. With one extra weapons slot and more bonuses, it was an amazing technological advance, as it was the first fighter EVER with 2 guns.

It can take on the role of a heavy bomber, dogfighter, cruiser escort/defence or it can take the shape of multi-role fighter-bomber, with a torpedo launcher and a pulse weapon to annihilate anyone who stands in the way! It is only 5 Honor more than the Hawk and 2 Points larger, but that means, well, nothing!

The Leopard: It's gonna pounce with a double K.O. blow!

Godspeed, Pilot!


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