Federation Eagle Cruiser Hull
Federation Eagle Cruiser
Race: Federation
Class: Cruiser
Cost: 160
Size: 220
Power Produced: 9
Bonuses: Hull Integrity Boost 10%
Power Output Boost 6%
Hardpoints: 7
Standard Slots: 11
The Federation Eagle Cruiser Hull is actually an old Rebel project that was scrapped, but then picked up by the Federation and modified. It is large with a rather high cost (160) for it's size, but with 7 Hardpoints and 11 Standard Slots, that is compensated. This ship has two very good possible roles:

1. A "Tank", taking the pain with a heavy amount of shields while dealing it's own hand of cards.

2. An "Interceptor", with low shields and armour but many engines (3/4) and with Keep Moving ordered, you can make a very reliable and speedy ship.

However, many models have been damaged, especially during the Second Divine War (19-12 Y.B.C.E), so the overall idea is that they will be scrapped soon, but for now, they are still tough ships.

The Eagle: It will give you death from above!

Godspeed, Pilot!