The main ships in any battle, the Cruisers of any race are usually the deciders. Being around 180-280 metres in size, they are large and can pack a H-U-G-E punch! They are usually poor in anti-fighter roles, though they do have weapons that can tackle this available. With around 7-11 Hardpoints and 7-11 Standard Slots, the Cruisers are the ships for you (If your style is to camp, tank or pretty much swarm the enemy forces)!


Amazing Anti-Frigate Capability

Good Anti-Cruiser Capability

Modest Anti-Fighter Capability

Multiple Slots


High Cost

Can be easily destroyed by fighters who are properly equipped

As it has been shown, 30 Frigates can defeat 50/70 Cruisers with only 1 loss if they have the "Keep Moving" order active.

Godspeed, Pilot!


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