Alliance Python Cruiser Hull
Alliance Python Cruiser
Race: Alliance
Class: Cruiser
Cost: 170
Size: 230
Power Produced: 12
Bonuses: Armour Boost 10%
Power Output Boost 9%
Hardpoints: 9
Standard Slots: 9
The Python is a stealthy Goliath, sticking to the flanks of the Imperial battleplan and providing the killer blow. It took 3 years of work to make, and other 150 are in service today. It Has 9 Hardpoints (A very high amount) and 9 Standard Slots, thus putting it in the Multi-Role category. After 15 of these tackled 20 Imperial Cruisers with losses of 3:11, their worth was proved. It is rather cheap to build for such a ship, and it's controls are best used by Katars (Huge upright spiders ((1.8 Meters adult size and 90-110 years lifespan)) who have six legs, but who use the four who don't walk as arms).

The Python: Watch the little speck on the far side of the radar screen, because it might spell your doom!

Godspeed, Pilot!


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